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  • Caladan

    Third planet of Delta Pavonis, Caladan is the home world of [[House Atreides]]. The Atreides have lived in Castle Caladan for twenty-six generations, from Siridar-Duke Paulos XVI to [[:leto-atreides | Duke Leto the Just]]. *Planet Type:* Terrestrial * …

  • Kaitan

    The Imperial Court was removed to Kaitain from [[Salusa Secundus]] in 1487 A.G. following a failed attempt to sterilize the planet with atomics. The death of Robert Baratheon has thrown the house of the king into disarray. Although the daring and bold …

  • Giedi Prime

    Giedi Prime, the lone planet of 36 Ophiuchi B, the second star of a binary system. The home world of [[House Harkonnen]] and, as a consequence, the evil pole of the Imperium's moral dialectic. Named after a star: Alpha1 Capricorni, one can only assume …

  • Grumman

    Grumman is the second planet of Niushe and the home planet of [[House Moritani]], who fought and defeated the House Ginaz in a war of assassins to take the planet.

  • Hagal

    Homeworld of [[House O'Garee]]. Called the "Jewel Planet" from the gem mining that will take place there, Hagal's mines were mostly exhausted by the time of Shaddam I. The throne of Shaddam IV was made from a single piece of Hagal quartz.

  • Ecaz

    Homeworld of [[House Vidal]]. Ecaz is called the "Sculptor's Paradise" because it is home to fogwood, a plant that can be shaped by thought alone. It is also called the "Greenhouse Planet" because of its bizarre biological products in general. It in …

  • Arrakis

    Arrakis, the planet known as Dune, is the third planet of Canopus, Alpha Carinae. A desert planet where it never rains at all, it is the sole source of the spice-drug "melange". *Planet Type:* Terrestrial *Climate:* Arid *Terrain:* Sand dunes, …

  • Trajaras

    Homeworld of [[House Manndrach]]. The atmosphere of Trajaras contains traces of sulphuric acid. This, combined with the poor weather makes it dangerous to be outdoors for too long without protective clothing. The chief export of Trajaras is metaglass, …

  • Wallach IX

    Formerly a [[House Wallach]]-governed principality, it was granted to the [[Bene Gesserit]] and houses their Mother School.

  • Ix

    The home planet of [[House Vernius]], known for its manufacture of technological products.