Tag: Minor House


  • House Ivilonette

    Deviously clever, House Ivilonette is a House Minor of [[House Harkonnen]] that enjoys the epithet "villains of Narsaire." Of piratical heritage, the Ivilonette lead the mercantile Houses Minor in wealth and favor, distributing contraband and illegal …

  • House Evangelos

    A distaff line descended from an illegitimate son of Elrood II, House Evangelos is the most withdrawn and secretive of the [[House Corrino | Corrino]] Houses Minor. Specializing in erudite knowledge, House Evangelos serves from the shadows, striking fear …

  • House Schiavonna

    Splintered from the legionnaire‚Äôs Order of the Lion, House Schiavonna owes its noble status to its progenitor Vladeshar I, exalted for military genius. Unpopular in the Sysselraad, House Schiavonna favours returning the Imperial seat to [[Salusa Secundus …

  • House Manndrach

    House Manndrach is a minor house of [[House Atreides]]. They are granted governorship of [[Trajaras]] and charged with running the jasmium quartz mining operations there.