Storms on Trajaras


Morning of Day 5 – still desperately worried and confused. Mavern goes into a trance, to try to calculate how these assassinations are being perpetrated. He calculates that the murderer must be Sigmar or Julius Vidal. But think this is too obvious – are they being framed by Principio? But how?

Leander, Rona and Saskia go to the medical bay – Sisyphus is still okay. Leander orders to see the body bags and the they comply:
1. Linda Akemi
2. Reuben Ivilonette
3. Yvette
4. Florina
5-8. Adam, Susan, Caroline, Violet (servers)
9-10. Two House Wayku
Were Hassan and Leah’s bodies removed? Wayku say 2 bags were taken off – they checked the right people were in them (seem to be truthful)

If the Vidals are actually guilty, why would they do it? Wake Sisyphus, as Mavern can’t think – he realises that we might be caught in the crossfire of the Vidals trying to kill Eve Akemi – when she was a lawyer she did a lot to prosecute assassins. But who should we help? Vidal share our hatred of Moritani/Principio. But Eve is with the Evangelos, who we have no quarrel with. Decide not to interfere, and the best way out of this is to get attention in medical bay, so get our assassin to poison us (slightly). It works. We display symptoms and are admitted, therefore miss the last doses of mandross poisoning.

Later that day, the last body bag is brought in: Sigmar Vidal – died of heart failure (fits with Sisyphus’ vision: only 1 immune. Left alive!)


CutGlass CutGlass

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