Homeworld of House Manndrach. The atmosphere of Trajaras contains traces of sulphuric acid. This, combined with the poor weather makes it dangerous to be outdoors for too long without protective clothing.

The chief export of Trajaras is metaglass, purified from jasmium quartz, mined by very large M3 machines with 5 crew. Currently there are 140 working mines, using 4 spaceports. The jasmium quartz is transported by large sailing vessels (crew less than 20). Unfortunately, piracy is now a big problem. Pirates smuggle metaglass out to the heighliners.

380 day year
21¼ hour day
gravity = 1.05
2 moons
Temperature sub-tropical.
6% land – over 3,000 atolls.

Population: 25 million – 4% Atreides, 72% Trajarans, outworld workers, 14% others).

Places of Interest


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