Sisyphus Bond

Bureaucrat. Failed Mentat. Possible failed Kwisatz Haderach.


Sisyphus was born on Caladan, to a family of wine merchants. He was a studious child, but not overly so, and was well-schooled. Around his eleventh birthday he was given some melange as a treat, which awakened a latent gift for prescience, granting him a vision of his later teenage years. This unfortunately revealed to him that he had been undergoing preliminary training as a Mentat, which is supposed to be kept secret from the participant.

The Mentat training thus had to be abandoned, but the techniques he had acquired groundwork it had given him in analytical thinking served him well in his later studies and he was recruited as an analyst by the House Atreides military. After a couple of years of service there, he volunteered for espionage field work and was sent undercover to various locations to provide information and analysis on House Atreides enemies.

With more experience under his belt he was sent to Giedi Prime to take a more active role in espionage as an agent provocateur. The mission went well, assisted in part by his occasional prescience, and on his return he was given a commendation and grooming began for a Spymaster position. As of the start of the game he hasn’t reached this rank yet as no positions have opened up, but his training is well underway and it is surely only a matter of time.

Sisyphus Bond

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