Storms on Trajaras


Just before dinner, gather at the training area for Leander’s duel. 4 other people, Julius Vidal, Luke Evangelos and 2 members of House Wayku. The 2 duellists pick up rapiers and Hassan begins with a kick, which misses. Leander lands a good slice, and Hassan misses again. Leander kicks him, but he swaps his sword to his left hand, and attacks, badly. Leander easily parries and neatly ripostes. Hassan gurgles, then falls over dead.

Rona scans the faces around. Luke is unreadable, Julius shows grudging respect and a small amount of regret. The Wayku are unconcerned; they step forward to remove the body.

Go in to dinner – only the Vidals are present – Sigmar is inscrutable, but smiling. After a quiet dinner, Sisyphus and Leander go into the gaming rooms. They play Cheops while Saskia and Mavern watch. Start to brainstorm the likely perpetrators, and realise that if Manndrach lose the mining contract, then CHOAM would probably award it to Principio. Are they trying to stop us getting there to sort things out? And if they can remove one of their troublesome members at the same time? Rona realises Hassan was psychotic and arrogant, a loose cannon. i.e. expendable. Also, Principio are Vidal’s enemies. It makes sense to frame them.

It is late, so go to sleep. Next morning (day 4), Saskia gets up very early to watch breakfast being prepared – as has Julius Vidal? This makes the 3 Wayku bondsmen very nervous as they work. Saskia thinks she sees Julius sprinkle something over the food, however she is not sure. He has been there a couple of earlier times.

Eat breakfast (except Sisyphus), then spend a quiet day. Before dinner, Saskia goes to the kitchen again – Julius is not present. He first showed up the day that Reuben died. At dinner, Sisyphus avoids eating the food; however that night he becomes seriously ill and is rushed to the medical bay. Strangely, the medic seems to know exactly what to do (rolled a 15!) and saves him.

Next morning, only Luke Evangelos + bondswoman, Sebastian + 2 bondsmen + 2 slaves, and the 2 members of House Vidal are still around. Luke and his woman turn up for breakfast. He is very suspicious of the two BG. Finally Rona recognises the bondswoman as Eve Akemi, who was believed to have died 3 years ago in childbirth. Akemi is a minor house of Ceder, lawyers. She was a great lawyer within the CHOAM business empire. Is she here incognito to investigate Manndrach? It would make sense if she is here with Evangelos – their house reputation as the Emperor’s ‘strike force’, to get things done. Murder? But no motive – much more logical that they are here to smooth things, and another – Principio or their agent? – is responsible.

Taran goes to see Sisyphus – he is still unconscious. There are 7 body bags. He questions the medics, who still insist it is a result of jump travel. Leander goes to speak with Luke (+Eve) – he suspects the BG, but Leander assures him it is not. He tells Luke all he knows, including the dreams. He says Linda’s visions showed that the person who was killing us was already dead (this was after Hassan died). Other than that, he does not know.

Meanwhile Taran opens Hassan’s bodybag (Why is it still on, when we’ve passed the Principio’s homeworld??) – contains the body of Violet, A Wayku bondswoman!!! Before he can check further, a medic turns up, so he leaves.


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