Storms on Trajaras

Chapter Two

Truth and Lies

Rona and Saskia go back to question Callisius. He is confident and cocky, believing himself not to be guilty of conspiracy to murder Leander, piracy, illegal supply of parts, etc. He is probably right, but he is guilty of acquiring an illegal cut of the jasmium quartz business. He has been very careful about what he knows. He freely admits that he shipped the spare parts, but deliberately did not find out who ordered them or why. Unfortunately, since we know that the substitution happened before the parts arrived on the planet (possibly masterminded by Claudius Scaevolla, ex-employee, now disappeared and also probably responsible for Dragonfly parts substitution). He doesn’t think he runs a smuggling business.

He knew Callistus had legal links to House Corrino (hence, possibly the link to the Sardaukar). Callistus does not have links to House Richese, but Callisius might! He admits that Claudius was his house assassin, but did not know that Jasmine and Paramina were/could be assassins or who might have kidnapped Paramina. (admits to having got a uniform designer at Sarder’s Cliff?)

Scaevolla left his employ to work as a shipping clerk. He left for more money (Callisius presumed there was also underhand work going on). He was working for Cyan, head of intelligence at Moon Mountain. Top of the fantasy hit list is the pop star, Paul Heracles.

Meanwhile, Leander and Warren go to the Judiciary to select the secondary judges for Callisius’ trial. He selects Helena Felix (daughter of Admiral Julius Felix, commander of the Caesar Augustus), and Justin Pernix (minor nobility) then chats to Morgan Evangelos, who is bored stiff on the planet, except for his alcohol, games and young ladies. He also says that he has approved the planetary visit of a hotshot lawyer, Dominic Principio (Donald Principio?).

Sisyphus goes back to the palace, and sends a memo to Mavern asking for a summary of the evidence against Callisius. He then sends out an official rumour that Claudius Scaevolla has been offered an amnesty. He would get information from Cyan if he had contact details for Moon Mountain. He sends for Barallas.

Nicholas gets another report from Captain Moore. 17 transports have docked with the House Richese ship, from spaceports all over the planet. Sisyphus gets a report that all the House Richese nobles have left, with the exception of Ichabod Richese (who probably doesn’t even know yet). He also gets a phone message from Barallas, who says that Cyan, “the Red Queen”, was assassinated two years ago by House Manndrach intelligence (Claudius Scaevolla!), rumoured to be because she became ‘involved’ with Ryan Manndrach and it had something to do with Thordis. So, was she really killed? Why has she come back, or who has replaced her?


CutGlass CutGlass

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