Storms on Trajaras

Chapter One

We are running before a storm: it is choppy. Leander is summoned by Aurora. She asks him to help her to remain governor regardless of what they find at the caves. When he agrees, she shows him a message from House O’Garee: they will bring the new M3 mining machine on the next heighliner (in 5 days). The second piece of paper is a picture of her late father’s concubine, whose daughter (who is allegedly still alive) would have a prior claim to the governorship.

Suddenly the ship lurches horribly and doesn’t right properly. It appears that one of the masts has broken. They head up to the bridge, where the captain explains that they need to cut free the booms, but he can’t spare anyone. Leander, Thordis, Warren and Nicholas head out. They succeed, and the ship catapults back into position. But why did it happen? Was it sabotaged? Anyway, we have no choice but to continue.

Wake to a calm, sunny morning as we arrive at Calypso: >12 islands – tall columns. A building juts from the side of one. Moor the ship and walk off to the jetty. Get taken to our rooms to rest, before continuing. Rona takes the opportunity for some prescience; she sees a lasgun pointing at a house shield – it fires! She wakes up.

Don our suits and head down. There is a servant waiting for us. Saskia goes over – he looks way too calm. His name is Maxnun (?), the House engineer. He has grandiose plans.

Aurora arrives and we head through a disguised doorway and down a narrow, dark corridor, through a tunnel and into a chamber lit by phosphorescent green gloop. Then through a crack in the rock and along a precipice, then over a very narrow bridge. Creep across some pools and into a chamber lit by a blue/green light. Aurora removes a box from a wall ledge. Inside is a reel of shigawire, and a statue of a robed figure in volcanic glass. Aurora recognises it as old Trajaran funeral art – but why? Saskia looks into the pool – the water seems to condense and thicken, similar to her prescient vision. As Aurora wanders over it settles again. Taran realises that the cavern is man-made, but well done.

Saskia hangs back to look into the pool again – she almost loses her balance! She recovers, and makes her way out – just as Mavern loses his balance. This disturbs the baby dragon, which leaps from a pool at Mavern, narrowly missing him with a claw. As the others manoeuvre, it lashes out at Nicholas, but slides off his shield. He slices it in return. Suddenly, Aurora sprints towards the exit, closely followed by Thordis. The others follow, as the dragon turns on Warren and another one arrives, going for Leander and cutting him. The others make it to the exit as Nicholas takes a slice, but hits back. Warren takes a massive hit, but one goes down, so he runs out. Nicholas finishes the other one, then leaves, before anyone else arrives. Leander heals Warren before continuing. Thordis stops Mavern to remind him not to do it again. All scramble back up, but it takes Mavern an awfully long time and he takes some acid burns. Open the door onto 12 heavily armed men. They lunge for Aurora…


CutGlass CutGlass

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