Storms on Trajaras

Chapter One

Escorted to the Governor’s box. We are early – hang around until Lady Aurora arrives with Thordis and Turina Principio! The programme starts with executions – Saskia almost volunteers Leander to take part! Turina is trying to ? something, but seems to expect us not to take her up on it.

The executions start – first one quickly, second one executes Callisius, a Trajaran port controller. The bodyguard (Turina’s), Hector, dies in this combat, killed by two women. Turina is most unhappy and leaves quickly. Aurora offers the two winning gladiators to Leander, who accepts. Thordis fights 3 pirates in the third execution. Her only weapons are Trajaran dragon claws – she is incredibly quick, and slowly cut them to pieces.

The animal fights follow – but they only catch the tigers and bears. This is followed by dragon fighting; then lunch. The afternoon consists of gladiatorial fights. Halfway through, there is a commotion – a Manndrach bondsman wants to see Aurora – Namar, sent by her brother! Aurora’s security let her know while Rona and Saskia talk to him. His story seems to check out, so they escort him to her. As she greets him he goes into a trance and repeats a message – from ?. He knows what is wrong in the mines – the answer is in the old grotto – it will buy you all you require. “Look after Leander; do not judge him on what I wished you both to be. Annis mosere seeamon” (Blessing of the sea goddess – Says Aurora, but she’s lying!). Aurora considers this, then orders her ship made ready – the Old Grotto is in Calypso.

Leander meets his 2 gladiators: Jasmine (27) and Paramina (25) – they and a third woman defrauded a merchant – the third woman was later knifed, and they were arrested. They would not explain what happened. They are not impressed. They had not expected to live. Leander explains the position. They will not tell us what happened, so Saskia commands her. Mazaranus, she replies (The Trajaran fire god!). Jasmine also informs us that everyone on Trajaras has at least 2 sets of accounts and the real set, the ones they show to House Manndrach. Extra sets include those for the Guild and those in case Manndrach catch them.

Each shipment of metaglass has a code number – however, the Manndrach accounting system cannot cope with the 8-digit numbers and they get lost in the system. Everyone on Trajaras is skimming somewhere along the line. Jasmine believes that she cannot only balance the books with what CHOAM expects, but also increase profitability by ~25% over 5 years. In the meantime Leander will move them to better accommodation, and arrange weapons training.

Nick finds their file – they got jobs in Callisius’ accounts department. The 3rd woman got them access to his real accounts, and they started to skim money. The woman was found dead in a flat rented by Jasmine – they have no alibis and were seen in the vicinity at the time. The only prints on the knife were Jasmine’s. The merchant then found their embezzling.

Rona researches Mazaranus, the ancient religion – worship keeps him dormant (keep a small fire burning, bonfire, etc.). No leaders, priests etc.

Next morning, board the Conquistador after breakfast. Captain Bomia, when he sees Aurora, mutters “Annis mosere seeamon”. She nods.


CutGlass CutGlass

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