Storms on Trajaras

Chapter One

Find out more details: all 3 of the Dragonflies in the formation reported engine failure at the same time. Bodies in the ‘water’ (a.k.a. acid) would not survive long.

Descend towards the planet – chemically blue. The heighliner is loading cargo coffers. Plummet towards the Governor’s Palace, and land roughly on the roof. Take the lift down to our assigned rooms.

Nicholas arranges an audience with Lady Aurora at twilight. Meanwhile, get the latest accident report – they have reached the scene and found wreckage, but no bodies. Who has motive? Need to find out.

Rona and Saskia separately try prescience: Rona gets nothing, but Saskia sees 3 plummeting blobs, one of which is caught by an ascending blob, and gently lowered. Nicholas and Mavern start to organise Leander‘s agenda – he is invited to the Captains’ Ball tomorrow night; Nicholas organises an ornithopter for a mine trip the day after, and fitting of environment suits.

Shown to the council chamber and await Lady Aurora – she arrives with Thordis, her female gladiator bodyguard. Lady Aurora is a professional courtier; seems unfazed by her new role, but does question why we’re here.

Mavern looks at the records. Trajaran religion is very popular here, so Orange Catholicism is very low. Also ‘Walkers of Twilight’ – pacifist/non threat, naturalists – rumours of gene engineering – non ageing clones. The main religion – the Fire Cult of Mazaranus worship a fire god and keep him pacified to stop the volcanoes.

Taran finds discrepancies all along the mining and shipping processes – stock seems to go missing at each stage. More worrying, the house engineers examining the recovered Dragonflies: each one of them showed the same fault on the drive shaft. Seems to be radio operated – about 50 miles radius – check all Dragonflies – they show the same. All Dragonflies supplied by House O’Garee (who also make the Mantis mining machines). Routine maintenance was by a Trajaran – so we despatched a patrol to secure that base and grounded all the remaining Dragonflies.

The incumbent Imperial Planetologist, Renata Evangelos, will also be at the Captains’ Ball – it might be worth talking to her about how the mining yields can be improved. Also there will be Turina Principio.


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