Storms on Trajaras

Chapter One

Briefing from Duke Leto Atreides:

Investigate every aspect of House Manndrach supervision of jasmium quartz. Why are profits so low? DO NOT treat them as guilty of a crime. We don’t think they are cheating.

  • Trajaras – 380 day year, gravity = 1.05, 2 moons, 21¼ hour day. Atmosphere contains traces of sulphuric acid. Weather poor. Temperature sub-tropical. 6% land – over 3,000 atolls. Population: 25 million – 4% Atreides, 72% Trajarans, outworld workers, 14% others). 5 Urban centres. Largest is Porthaven (1 million – 50% Atreides, 50% Manndrach).
  • Chief export – metaglass, purified from jasmium quartz – mined by very large M3 machines with 5 crew. Currently 140 working mines, using 4 spaceports – transport by large sailing vessels (crew less than 20). Unfortunately, piracy is now a big problem – they smuggle metaglass out to the heighliners.

Meet up with Nicholas Warlock and Warren, our backup. They have been on Trajaras for 1 week already. We will get the chance to meet Ramon and Elizabeth Manndrach, who are flying in to oversee the local regatta.

However, the Manndrach dragonfly plane has crashed. 140 miles short; the whole family are missing, feared dead. Aid has been despatched. Are they dead? If so, who will inherit? If not, how can we help? Ryan’s sister, Aurora, is on the planet – she must be protected.


CutGlass CutGlass

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